Garage Conversions

If you want to add livable space to your home without putting an addition on, you might be able to do it by converting your garage. Garage conversions have become popular among homeowners who want to make the most of the space available in their garages. CARL HAMILTON RENOVATIONS, LLC can perform garage renovations for those in the Mississippi Gulf Coast area and help you use your garage to its full potential. We can help you turn it into a den, a spare bedroom, a playroom, or whatever else you want.

Carl Hamilton Renovation Specialists specializes in helping homeowners with every single aspect of garage conversions. In order to pull off garage renovations, you’ll need to level the flooring in your garage, add insulation to it, install new HVAC equipment, perform electrical work, consider your lighting options, and more. You can leave the garage door in place in some instances, but you’ll also more than likely want to take it out and put up a wall in its place before adding siding or brick to the outside of the wall and working a window into the mix. Carl Hamilton Renovation Specialists will handle all these items

Carl Hamilton Renovations has performed garage conversions in all kinds of homes throughout the Mississippi Gulf Coast area. From small garage conversion jobs to much larger garage renovations, we have the experience and expertise it takes to tackle any garage conversions. We’ll help you put together designs for your new space and stay by your side through every step associated with bringing the space to life. We’ll also offer you the most affordable prices and do our very best to keep your project on schedule and under budget.

Give Carl Hamilton Renovations, LLC a call at 228-424-4064 to speak with someone about doing a garage conversion in your home.