Home Repairs

If you have home improvement projects you’ve been putting off for far too long, why not let the home renovation specialists from Carl Hamilton Renovations, LLC take care of them? Equipped with decades worth of experience, we complete just about any home repairs you need done. From plumbing projects and electrical work to HVAC installation and sheetrock, we take care of it all for you. We even make repairs to concrete driveways, patios, roofs, and more for homeowners in the Mississippi Gulf Coast area.

There are no home repairs too big or too small for the home improvement contractors at CARL HAMILTON RENOVATIONS, LLC. Whether you need a relatively minor plumbing or electrical issue corrected or want us to overhaul your HVAC system to take on a huge carpentry project, you can count on us to get the job done right when you welcome us into your home in the Mississippi Gulf Coast area. We work just as hard to fix issues with concrete driveways and patios as we do when we work on roofs and other more essential parts of a residential property. You’ll be satisfied with the attention to detail and craftsmanship you receive when you hire CARL HAMILTON RENOVATIONS, LLC.

When you own a house, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the home repairs that need to be made over the years. Before you know it, your to-do list is a mile long, and you simply don’t have enough time to do all the work you want done. Call on CARL HAMILTON RENOVATIONS, LLC to make home repairs for you. We’ll come out to your home, assess the job, and assist you with plumbing, electrical, HVAC, painting, sheetrock, concrete driveways, patios, roofing, and more for the right price. We’ve established ourselves as the go-to home repair and renovation company in the Mississippi Gulf Coast area by providing the right blend of high-quality work and affordable prices to our clients.

Below the chimney shows a poor design that has probably been leaking since the house was built about 20 years ago. The photos taken inside the house show the damage that water intrusion causes.

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