Home Renovation Specialist Company in Biloxi, MS

Renovating your home is a big investment. It takes a significant amount of time, money, and attention-to-detail to bring your space together exactly as you envision it. That’s why when you choose your contractor, you want to partner with someone who is as equally invested in your home as you are.

At Carl Hamilton Renovations, LLC in Biloxi, you’ll find a team of home remodel and repair experts that are not only highly skilled and experienced, but also deeply devoted to creating a space that reflects your unique style and meets your individual needs. Your happiness with the final product is our measure for success—and we accept nothing less than your highest level of satisfaction!

Professional Home Renovation Contractors in Biloxi

Over the years, our home remodeling specialists have completely revitalized properties of all sizes, styles, and conditions throughout Biloxi and beyond. We’ve started at square one, renovating homes from the ground up, and have been brought it for specialty remodel projects that focus on just one or two aspects of a space. We can work with you to create an initial design from scratch and bring it to fruition or update a single room to flow with the rest of your already-refurbished home. Wherever you’re at with your home renovation, our team can help you take it to the next level.

Carl Hamilton Renovations, LLC can transform any room or area within your home into your ideal space. We can take your bathroom from painfully outdated to fully modern or your kitchen from small and dingy to spacious and inviting. We can even add more gorgeous and livable space to your home with a complete garage conversion. Whatever you need, our experts are up to the challenge!

Home & Foundation Repair Services for Biloxi Homes

Home renovation isn’t always as simple as coming in and painting the walls and installing new design features. A successful remodel also addresses any underlying problems that may exist in your home’s innerworkings.

Our professional contractors are also trained in construction, carpentry, and other crucial areas of home improvement, so we’re able to perform any home repairs and renovations that go deeper than the surface. We can fix plumbing issues, electrical system problems, leaking roofs, repair sheetrock, and restore concrete in outdoor living areas. We can also make repairs to the foundation of your home, including raising and leveling on pier-type foundations and beam and column repair.

To learn more about the affordable home renovation and repair services we offer homeowners in Biloxi, MS, contact Carl Hamilton Renovations today. We look forward to working with you closely to build the home of your dreams!